I’m considering a debt consolidation company

We have fallen into the credit card hell. I want to consolidate and cut them into pieces. Any ideas?

Been there, done that and it stays on your credit report for 7 yrs. It does help a lot getting debts down though depending on which company you go with. Check them out good. If you have past due marks on your credit already then you are going to have something negative on your credit report anyway. So that opens up your options…

Remember you can work with the cc companies too. You don’t have to hire someone. You can think about switching to a promotional 0% or low interest card.

You could think about a loan. This would probably be difficult if you have negative marks on your credit. Ideally the best thing for your credit score may be to work with the ones you have. But if you can save on the interest and put that toward the balance then transferring to a low rate card/loan would be good too.

First though … Do a budget and find out what you can afford to pay the companies if you are going to negotiate with them directly.