Newly in foreclosure and scared

Hi everyone. I’ve read a lot of good information in this blog and I’m happy I joined. My husband and I successfully trimmed and almost eliminated our credit card debt with just 700 to go on one card. My problem right now is that we got behind on our mortgage. I promptly contacted them and they set up a forbearance plan for us. We missed the second payment and I called and they said if we paid the 2nd and 3rd together we could resume the forbearance plan. We weren’t able to. Now we have received our IRS tax refund and have the possibility of borrowing a hardship loan from my retirement plan once I set up another kind of account with retirement. I’m not sure how long that all will take.

So…today I called mortgage co. and they said we’re “in foreclosure.” A man came out to verify that we are living in the house. It really scared me. He said he was sent by the mortgage company and “didn’t know why.” I asked the mortgage co. what we must do to bring it all current, and the woman told me to call back on Wednesday and they will have the amount for me, including attorney’s fees, that we will have to pay, and possibly set up a payment plan. That gave me a little bit of hope.

Here is my question, then: for those of you who have been through this, what kinds of “fees” are we talking about? How much? Will the attorney’s and “other fees” be several thousand dollars on top of the amount we’ll have to pay to bring the mortgage current? My other question: will I have time to get the loan from my retirement plan to do this?? Will they give us a payment plan again, or did we blow it?? I’m really frightened about this and am not sure what the typical scenario is. Any help on this group or through private email is most appreciated!

Mortgage co. is AMC (American Mortgage Company) so if anyone’s dealt with them I’d appreciate hearing that too…