You always pay your bills and debts that are due!

You always pay your bills and debts that are due! I am talking about those Items that are not necessity. Don’t get that drink at the gas station. Buy the cheaper brands of things at the store, and only necessities, not nice-ities. Just cut corners where you can. But DON’T neglect your obligations. I have sold many things on eBay. I like it, but also like Craigs especially for large items. Unlike eBay, you don’t pay a fee to list items, but they are not an auction site so you have to set a price. I recently sold a desk for $200.00. I had many people who wanted it.

This is my exact response for the next 45 days as we have a 2400.00 title loan costing us 650.00 a month and we CANNOT continue for the next 10 months like this. As it is we can’t make this month payment on time (16th) and I am sitting here wondering if they will come get my car before payday Thursday and we can get the payment made. But anyway we are letting the house and cell phones ( we have emergency line access and everyone we talk to are within walking distance or we drive right past during work commute) plus our DD has her own cell phone that family can reach us on in the event of emergency, Internet (we can use the library), our movie pass (24.99 month), all utilities are current so we are just letting them slide until we get notices next month then I will work out pymt arrangements, even house payment can be paid at the end of month for Aug and even groceries are getting slimmed down to pb&j sandwiches and 1 meal daily (and as I am a diabetic we are going to order 1 box of groceries and 1 box of this months meat special from the Angel Food Ministries -41.00- and I have volunteered to help several church members with their gardens in exchange for produce). And every penny of income we have for the next 6 weeks will go to paying off this title loan. So the only expense we will have will be gas and household (toilet paper and laundry detergent)