Been in Debt on the way out

My husband and I racked up quite the debt. We had $80,000 personal debt. Plus we owe two years back taxes at $20,000. So we owed a total of $100,000. We started paying off the debt in June 2004 and will be out of the personal debt in May 2008. I am writing to the IRS at the moment for an Offer and Compromise. But I didn’t start that until I consulted a lawyer. I have been lucky enough to find a really great service called pre-paid legal(They have been in business for over 30 yrs and are traded on the New York Stock Exchange).

They offer memberships for a low monthly fee and you can call and consult an attorney for NO CHARGE. I got the most expensive service they offer which also has identity theft protection. With your membership you get a free will. Something I know I couldn’t afford without this service. Also I owed some money to someone and they transfered the debt to a lawyer who was threatening to put a lien on my house. So I just called up my pre-paid legal service and they sent a letter on my behalf and we worked out a payment plan.

And to top it all off, you can become an independent contractor and sell the service to earn extra income. My husband I decided to do this with the goal to earn an extra $200 a week. Well we have been in it for two weeks and we have earned $800(with very little effort). That money will get us out of our debt much faster. And the best thing was that it only cost us $25 to start our business. Where else can you go and start a new business for $25?

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