Hopefully we can get this loan paid off

Hopefully we can get this loan paid off and out from this 650.00 month payment and start putting some back before I get laid off after Christmas. And my husband and I are also hoping to find something part time (yes Mcdonalds will do if they work around our other jobs) for the next 6 months. We have put a 6 month goal on getting certain bills paid off (mostly collateral ones and the smaller, under 1000.00 balance, credit cards that we have so that we can have something for an emergency) and getting our savings built again.

We have finally decided to let all of the creditors that will not work with us go by the way side because we have been as honest and given as much as we can and yet they still refuse to work with us. If they start threatening legal action then we may pursue bankruptcy but right now our credit is so damaged that nor anything else could cause it more harm.

I just read this how you got out of debt story, I was actually amazed how did all that. could you please send me some info on how exactly you make up a spread sheet! Im kinda new to this whole computer thingy!!lol

Thank you much.